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Is any forex broker good enough, and what is the criteria?

There are many excellent brokers widely recommended and so busy you can’t reach them at all. Still, it doesn’t mean they would be a good fit for you. Why? Because every trader has different goals, and with that goes that maybe you will need a “regular” forex broker. If you are into cryptos and don’t care about anything else, you will probably look for a crypto broker. Still, does the title and reputation make them good enough? Not exactly.

What is a good forex broker?

If we want to put it in a broad definition, a good broker is licenced and has a certificate. They are an expert in the field, and he knows what’s going on the market. They are there to give you a solid piece of advice and prevent you from making some big mistakes. Naturally, the choice is ultimately yours, but every broker’s goal is for their client to be successful. They will help you manage your account if you are a beginner. Even if you aren’t, they are here to make your journey more comfortable and help you with your trading plan or if you need to change something up.

A good broker for you

Finding the right forex broker can seem like an impossible task at first, but broker reviews can be extremely helpful. They will tell you if they are a scammer or a real expert and what their expertise exactly is. To find someone who will be suitable for you means talking to more than one broker, and having a goal (in the first place). If you have a general idea of what you would like to do as a trader, it will make everything easier. You will find what your goal is, therefore what type of broker would suit you the best. It still doesn’t mean you will find one on the first try (it can happen, but we’re saying just in case!). The most crucial thing after figuring out who would be the right call is to establish or better said, see if you two have a good connection. Pay attention to see if you feel comfortable with them after a couple of minutes, especially if you feel okay with sharing personal things with them, such as your income. Do you prefer listening to their advice mostly or talking about what you think and read about trading? Do you like the assertive type or someone who will consider things with you and try looking at it from your point of view? Everything counts if you want to build a connection that can last and you can thrive off.


Talk to them about your goals and present them your idea (if you have one), what kind of trading plan you’d like to go with. It’s normal to feel a bit embarrassed, so try being as honest as possible, because it will benefit you. If you cannot communicate what you want and expect, this can mean you aren’t entirely ready for trading, you haven’t researched enough, or the specific forex broker isn’t someone you clicked with. It is completely fine. It’s not the end of the world. It means you didn’t go through the whole journey of opening an account and learning, to figure out the broker you chose to work with goes entirely against what you said. It will be easier for both of you to part your ways if the working relationship seems off.

Nobody is perfect

What we can learn in the end is that no broker is perfect. While there are experts out there, you can’t be entirely subjective. Yes, being a trader means taking your emotions away and trying to be as collected and calm as possible – if we are talking about trading itself. If you are working with another person on building your trading portfolio, it is an entirely different scenario. Yes, it’s business, but it includes your personal belongings and how you feel, especially at the beginning can make or break you. Go with your guts (after you’ve concluded they indeed aren’t scammers), and trust the person if you feel comfortable with them, and they know what they are doing and saying. There should be a balance between what they are saying and how much they are listening, so you can establish a solid trading plan. Good luck!

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