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How to identify counterfeit/fake Morgan dollars?


The American market is flooded with counterfeit coins, and it is highly concerning. There are reports of fake morgan silver dollar coins circulating multiple online auction websites. In several instances, fake coins can’t be detected until a buyer protection policy has ended. This indicates that a person can end up with a useless, and worthless silver coin, that he/she bought by spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. There are certain ways to identify whether the Morgan dollar coin is a fake or real one.

Year of production

Morgan dollars were minted continuously from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921, by the United States Mint. In case, one comes across a Morgan silver dollar other than the mentioned years, and the more recent 2021 commemorative, it is highly likely that the coin is a counterfeit. Over the years, replica or fake Morgan silver coins have been circulating in the market outside the acceptable minting years. Furthermore, there are mint marks on certain years of Morgan dollars that never existed. Therefore, fake coins can be detected from the year of minting.

Weight of coins

The weight of fake Morgan silver dollars differs from the standard real coins. The standard weight of real Morgan silver dollars is 26.73 grams. On the other hand, counterfeit coins weigh less, ranging from 18 grams to 22 grams. Authentic Morgan dollars might weigh slightly lesser than the standard specification, especially if they have been in circulation, and have some wear and tear. The biggest discrepancy is noticed when the coin weighs less by at least half a gram from the standard weight. Furthermore, there is a possibility that a counterfeit coin will weigh accurately, but the thickness and diameter won’t match with an authentic coin.

Metal composition

Another way to detect the authenticity of morgan silver dollar coins is to determine the metal composition. The metal composition of authentic Morgan dollars consists of 90% silver, and 10% copper. Additionally, the detection can also be ensured by exploring the magnetic nature of the coins. Precious stones like silver, gold, platinum, and others are not magnetic. In case, the Morgan dollars are attracted strongly to a magnet, it is a signal that it is a fake coin. It is important to note that every Morgan silver coin is not magnetic. Thus, other factors must be considered to determine the authenticity.

Thickness and diameter

Rulers and tape measures might not allow one to measure the thickness and diameter of Morgan dollars accurately in millimeters. Accuracy in measuring Morgan silver dollars is necessary, thereby investing in a caliper is useful. Calipers are devices that can minutely figure even the tiniest measurements and are easily available at physical and online home improvement stores. If there are tiny variations in the specifications of the coins within the specific variance margin, it is accepted. When there are significant differences noted in diameter and thickness, it is a matter of big concern. Such coins are bound to be fake.

Sound of the coins

Silver coins are known to possess a distinct sound, which differs significantly from coins made of other materials. Morgan silver coins have a high pitch ring that lingers for a long time when dropped on a hard surface. On the other hand, coins made of other metals like nickel, and copper, or a combination of metals produce a thud-like sound without any lingering. Presently, there are advanced tools available to listen to the sound of the morgan silver dollar coins without causing any damage. It is recommended to use such tools to avoid dropping the coins and damaging them.

Font style and size

The font style and size of mint marks on the coins also help to recognize authentic and counterfeit Morgan silver coins. Authentic Morgan silver dollars have serif-style fonts. On the other hand, counterfeit coins have a plain appearance and are less detailed. Furthermore, real Morgan dollars have mint marks that are better engraved than fake coins. Exploring the minute details of font size and style of the Morgan silver dollar is vital to distinguish between authentic and fake coins.


Morgan dollars are often counterfeited because of their popularity. The above-mentioned guideline is an attempt to help people prevent investing in fake morgan silver dollar coins. Online auction sites are the most notorious for circulating counterfeit coins. Thus, it is recommended to research thoroughly and get in touch with a reputed, and knowledgeable coin dealer.

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